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Hello There!

It’s September! Our month of Networking. Please be reminded, that the NBBSW Quarterly Fellowship is coming up on the 25th of September, 2021. We will be discussing Self – censorship amongst ethnic minorities and Lack on influential contacts amongst black and ethnic minority social workers.

Its not too late to register for the event, for an opportunity to fellowship with like minded colleagues, please click on the link below to register. remember to invite a colleague.

Aims: To bring about systematic change we will…. 

  • Name ‘racism’ wherever we see it

  • Listen, hear and include all People with Lived Experience

  • Take responsibility

  • Work collaboratively

  • Challenge appropriately

  • Be open to learning

  • Ensure all feel included


  1. Take responsibility as individuals, groups and communities to educate self and others on what Black Lives Matter means (current and historical).

  2. Inspire and recruit like-minded individuals to engage with this group.

  3. Develop a knowledge base of the needs of the black and minority ethnic communities (including communities within our partnership – Students, Practice Educators, ASYE’s, Social Workers, Managers, People with Lived Experience and Academics) to learn and share across our partnership.

  4. Create an environment where we encourage people to become champions from within and beyond the black and minority ethnic community.

  5. Commit to creating safe spaces for black and minority ethnic students and Social Workers to engage in dialogue. 

  6. Through engaging with communities encourage people to enter the Social Work profession

  7. Widening participation and engagement across all aspects of pre and post qualifying education, training and practice.