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Dates for future meetings: 22nd October 9-12pm and 20th January 10-1pm

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CMSWTP Team Managers’ Network, 22nd June, 10.00-1.00
10.00-10.10 Welcome and Introduction
Alex Woods (PSW Warrington Borough Council) and
Simon Manseri (PSW St. Helen’s Council)
Sharing Practice
10.10-10.50 How do you support ASYE’s – What does your authority do? One Team Manager from each partner offer to share
10.50-11.00 How do we support ASYE’s, what is the partnership doing? Nicola Whiteside (Partnership Manager of the CMSWTP)
Guest Speaker
11.00-11.30 Student experiences Vanessa Goldsmith (UoC Placement Lead) and Emma Rimmer (EHU Placement Lead)
11.30-11.45 Discussion/Reflection on student experiences Alex Woods and Simon Manseri
Practice Dilemma
12.00-12.30 Break out rooms – Managers to discuss shared dilemmas
12.30 -12.50 Feedback from each room Volunteer
Next steps
12.50 –1.00 Future session ideas…. Alex Woods and Simon Manseri

Early Career Managers

Early Career Managers Programme

Cohort 1

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This is a comprehensive and intensive learning programme that covers essential skills and knowledge for social work managers in the early stages of their career. It is designed for individuals who have recently been promoted or who are about to be promoted and are now responsible for managing colleagues or teams. It is also suitable for managers who have been in post for up to 18 months without any management training. It is the ideal development opportunity for managers or potential managers that an organisation has identified for fast track.

Names already confirmed

Day 1 – 26th March, Day 2 – 21st April, Day 3 – 30th April, Day 4 – 4th May, Day 5 – 17th May, Day 6-8 in handbook.

Free to Primary Members of the Partnership. Secondary Members £50 per participant.

Court Skills 1st March 2022

Court Skills

Home / Events / CMSWTP Teacher Practitioner Status Training

This is a course aimed at professionals, in particular, social workers whose role may bring them into the any of the various courts. It is an introduction to the different types of court and any differences in procedure and introduces the delegates to the other professionals they will meet in the court arena, their roles and status. Learning Objectives:

  • To be able to prepare and deliver evidence confidently in the court setting, Understand the Public Law Outline (PLO),
  • To understand the protocols used by various courts, To understand the protocols used by various courts,
  • To have an increased knowledge of court systems and personnel ,
  • To understand the requirements and skills required to present court reports and Understand the significance of the Social Worker’s report.

PRW 19th May 2021

PRW 19th May 2021

Home / Events / Practice Educator Refresher Training

Topic – Analysing Qualitative data: Content analysis (TBC)
and an introduction to CMSWTP Research Project: What difference does a Parent and/or Connected Carer Participation Group make in local authority child protection, child in need and child looked after social work intervention? What helps or hinders setting up and working with an effective Parent and Connected Carer Participation Group? (Nigel Kelleher- EHU, Helen Lea – LCC, Eoanna Stathopoulos – EHU)

To register please click here: CMSWTP – Practitioner Research CPD Workshops 2021_2022 (

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

25th March 09:30 - 12:30 via MS Teams part 1, Zoom part 2.

Home / Events / Practice Educator Refresher Training

This presentation will be in two parts. Part 1 ( 1 hour) will explore the latest research around SARs, and what we can learn from looking at the national picture. It will consider the themes that are emerging, what SARs are recommending, whether there are any commonalities between them, and how the findings from SARs can be implemented as general good practice, irrespective of where the SAR took place. It will look at issues for different service user groups, and the diverse settings in which we see SARs being undertaken. Participants will gain an understanding of the types of poor practice that emerge from SAR’s, but also the good practice that is often highlighted, and how this can be applied to their own social work practice. The aim is to shift understanding of SARs from being a potential source of fear for social workers, to being a rich source of learning and practice improvement. Part 2 -This will be followed by the participatory dramatised presentation (2 hrs)

To register click here: CMSWTP – Registration for Safeguarding Adult Reviews is closed (

Action Learning Sets

Action Learning Sets Training

Home / Events / Action Learning Sets Training

‘Leads on Pre-qualifying work stream to send identified names to by end of Sept’

Facilitated by Centre for Action Learning – offered to 2 reps (anyone supporting a CMSWTP student from each partner)


Online Diversity in Social Work Event

Online Diversity in Social Work Event

7th Dec 2020 9:45 for 10am start - 1pm

Home / Events / Online Diversity in Social Work Event
  • To discuss the challenge of equalities in social Work Practice.
  • Share one Social Worker’s Experience in practice and identify best practice in the work place.
  • Share examples of practice from two People with Lived Experience.
  • Reflect on our own practice and share strategies employed.

BLM Launch

Black Lives Matter - Each One Teach One

Home / Events / BLM

An overview of what we are wanting to drive across the Cheshire and Merseyside Social Work Teaching Partnership; Input from a variety of speakers around the aims of Each One Teach One – Black Lives Matter and a space to reflect on what this may mean for you and your practice. See flyer on website and to register:

Culturally Aware Social Work 1st April 2021

Culturally Aware Social Work 1st April 2021

Home / Events / CMSWTP Teacher Practitioner Status Training

This 1-day training is aimed at supporting an ongoing transformation strategy in a named social work organisation. Some topics to be discussed include: culturally sensitive assessment and intervention, unconscious bias and anti-oppressive practice. This session will outline cultural awareness within the broader context of anti-oppressive practice and will be underpinned by Professional Capability Framework (PCF), Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS) and Social Work England Professional Standards. To register:

Online Practitioner Research CPD workshop (PRWs)

Online Practitioner Research CPD workshop (PRWs)

Home / Events / CMSWTP Teacher Practitioner Status Training

To raise awareness of the benefits of practitioners doing research and provide training and development on how to undertake practitioner research.

17th Feb – How can we frame a research question.

17th March – How to do a focus group?

Free to members of the partnership delivered via MS Teams.