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This page has been developed to show the variety of CPD options available to support and develop social work professionals across adult and children’s services. These will help to support social workers to develop their knowledge and skills in line with the Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS) and Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF).  Download the full booklet here (please note, this will be regularly updated to reflect new CPD): CPD Booklet.  For guidance on how to book see: Eventbrite booking guide

ASYE Assessor Training

9th October 2023 9.30 - 4pm

To provide support and training for all ASYE Assessors. This is a one day
training is available to those new to the role or those requiring a refresher/update.

ASYE Assessor Training

Accurate, valid, robust and sufficient...

To provide support and training for all ASYE Assessors. This is a one hour workshop on how to manage the ASYE assessor final report so that it meets national requirements is robust and doesn’t take up too much of your time.

Thurs 12th October 10 – 11am, Tues 14th November 1 – 2pm, Mon 11th December 12 – 1pm

Writing Referrals

This training has been co-produced with independent fostering agencies and external providers of children’s residential care and supported accommodation; the aim is to improve the quality of referrals from local authorities to support better outcomes for children in external placements.

27th October 2 – 3.30pm & 13th December 2 – 3.30pm 2023

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PE Refresher Training CPD

5th & 6th October 2023 9.30 - 4pm or 16th & 17th January 2024 9.30 - 4pm

To provide an opportunity for qualified PEs to review current expectations and review their role and responsibilities.

Child Sexual Abuse (Intra Familial) for Social Workers/ Managers

All sessions 9:30am - 4pm

9th November 2023 & 5th February 2024

The Cheshire and Merseyside Social Work Teaching Partnership has joined with the Centre of Expertise on child sexual abuse ( to offer this training programme to our partnership.

PEPs cohort 4 & 5

Check CPD Booklet for dates and further info.

The course will include 5 days of teaching per PEPs Stage i.e. 70 hrs equivalent teaching in total, 35 hrs for the first student/Stage 1 and 35hrs for the second student/learner/Stage 2. Plus 3 additional study days, granted by your employer, to complete tasks for your portfolio.

PE Mentor Training and Support Workshop CPD

18th October 10.00 - 12.00pm

This is an opportunity to stay informed of the ongoing changes and updates within the PEPS and the mentor requirements so that you can effectively undertake the role of a PE Mentor. You will receive a certificate to acknowledge you are a qualified CMSWTP PE Mentor and have completed the relevant CPD training

Child Sexual Abuse (Intrafamiliar) for multi-agency staff

All sessions 9:30am - 4pm

10th October 2023 & 7th March 2024

The Cheshire and Merseyside Social Work Teaching Partnership has joined with the Centre of Expertise on child sexual abuse ( to offer this training programme to our partnership.

PE Forum/ Conference CPD

16th November 10 - 4pm

Opportunity for PEs to come together to engage in training and support for their role as a PE and to share experiences and issues with one another.

CWaC, Ellesmere Port Library            CH65 0BN

Onsite Supervisor Training CPD

11th January 2024 10 – 12pm

To provide an opportunity for all those undertaking the role of Onsite Supervisor to become familiar with the role and responsibilities.

ASYE Forum/Conf

20th Nov 2023 10 - 4pm F2F Bootle Town Hall & 8th Feb 2024 9.30 - 12pm MS Teams

To provide support and training for all NQSW who are undertaking their
ASYE. This is an opportunity to receive some additional training, network,
raise concerns/issues and share ideas and practice across the region, whilst
you undertake your ASYE. More details to come, please keep an eye on the website and CPD Booklet.

Current Issues in Practice

The CMSWTP are providing an opportunity for Student Social Workers, Qualified Social Workers, Managers and Academics to come together and reflect on and work through current issues that are impacting on Social Work Practice. See for more information.

30th November 2023 – Harmful Sexual Behaviour

29th February 2024 – Supporting Global Majority Students to Succeed


Practitioner Research Programme 23/24

6 month programme, various dates...

See CPD_Booklet for further information.

External ASYE Moderation Panel Training

31st Oct - 2pm - 3:30pm MS Teams

This is an opportunity for all engaging in our partnership external moderation to attend a training event, ahead of our annual moderation panel, to:
• Become familiar with current guidance from Skills for Care on
partnership ASYE moderation;
• Apply standards and principles for moderating employers’ ASYE
programme evidence;
• Walk through the moderation template with examples of good or
incomplete portfolios;
• Give feedback for employer’s ASYE programmes
• Q and A

Teacher Practitioner Status (TPS) Training

A series of 5 half day workshops that focus on key subjects/issues that face
individuals who are new to teaching in Higher Education. The workshops
will provide an opportunity to discuss experiences, share ideas and gain
some information about a range of techniques and processes that may
help in teaching.

All sessions 9.30am – 1.00pm. Cohort 19
12th January 2024
19th January 2024
26th January 2024
2nd February 2024
9th February 2024

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