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Conversations about racial inequality don’t happen apart from when there’s prominent news coverage of such events. This may be a new and uncomfortable topic. One reason these conversations are so difficult is that they are deeply emotional, and there is fear that we might say the wrong thing. But saying nothing is even worse. This guide helps you understand why you need to talk about racism and how to do it effectively. Click the image to find out more:

Each One Teach One – Conversations Pieces Guide

This is an opportunity for all Social Work staff to share their experiences and feelings as it relates to racism at CMSWTP.  It provides staff with an opportunity to be heard, express  emotions and generate solutions for combatting racism. Click the logo to view PowerPoint:

Anti-Racism Toolkit - White Privilege

White Privilege

What is it and why should we challenge it?   CMSWTP Anti-Racist Toolkit – Conversations- White Privilege

Anti-Racism Toolkit - Language


What is it and why do it?


Anti-Racism Toolkit - Racial Trauma

Racial Trauma

What is it and why do it?

CMSWTP Anti-Racist Toolkit – Conversations- Racial Trauma

Anti-Racism Toolkit - Becoming Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Each One Teach One – Resources

Each One Teach One: Anti-Racism Event

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