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Tabi on racial matters: How you could use your white privilege to create a better world. Gloria Tabi 

Conversation PowerPoint – White Privilege

Seeing White Privileges for what they are

See…..  PowerPoint for Conversation Piece – White Privilege

The system of white supremacy as self-perpetuating

See…..The system of white supremacy as self-perpetuating info graphic

10 ways White Women can dismantle White Supremacy. And, how to do better.

Selam Debs

See guidance document

When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression

Wayne Reid


“we must not stop ringing the alarm on racism in social work

What is white feminism and how does it harm women of colour?


Challenging White Supremacy workshop

White Supremacy Culture – From Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups

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