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Child Sexual Abuse

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The Cheshire and Merseyside Social Work Teaching Partnership has joined with the Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse ( to offer this training programme to our partnership.

This 1-day training will cover:

1. Key knowledge on intra-familial child sexual abuse, including – 
the scale and nature of child sexual abuse.

2.    Impact, signs and indicators.

3.    Children’s disclosures and the social work role

4.    A brief overview of who it is that abuses children

5. How sexual abuse happens in families

9.30-4.30 each day , please select one day 7th Oct, 12th Nov, 7th Dec, 25th Jan 2022, 22nd Feb 2022., 22nd March 2022,  19th May 2022, 17th June 2022,  23rd August 2022, 23rd Sept 2022