CMSWTP Teacher Practitioner Status Training

CMSWTP - Teacher Practitioner Status Training

Various dates and cohorts from 28th Oct 2020 - 12th March 2021 (see below)
All sessions 09:30 - 13:00
Free to members delivered via Zoom

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A series of half day workshops that focus on key subjects/issues that face individuals who are new to teaching in Higher Education. The workshops will provide an opportunity to discuss experiences, share ideas and gain some information about a range of techniques and processes that may help in teaching. This programme, if completed will lead to recognition as a CMSWTP Teacher Practitioner. It can also lead to teaching qualifications with Advance HE and SEDA. After completing the training, you would need to compile a short portfolio, with our support. You can, of course, just complete the training days and gain a certificate of recognition.

Cohort 3 – 28th Oct, 30th Oct, 5th Nov, 6th Nov and 11th Nov. FULL

Cohort 4 – 17th Nov, 20th Nov, 24th Nov, 26th Nov and 3rd Dec. FULL

Cohort 5 – 13th Jan, 15th Jan, 20th Jan, 22nd Jan, 27th Jan. FULL

Cohort 6 – 1st Feb, 3rd Feb, 5th Feb, 10th Feb, 12th Feb. FULL

Cohort 7- 24th Feb, 26th Feb, 3rd Mar, 5th Mar, 10th Mar. FULL

Cohort 8 – 12th Mar, 17th Mar, 19th Mar, 24th Mar, 26th Mar. FULL

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