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Dates for future meetings: 22nd October 9-12pm and 20th January 10-1pm

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CMSWTP Team Managers’ Network, 22nd June, 10.00-1.00
10.00-10.10 Welcome and Introduction
Alex Woods (PSW Warrington Borough Council) and
Simon Manseri (PSW St. Helen’s Council)
Sharing Practice
10.10-10.50 How do you support ASYE’s – What does your authority do? One Team Manager from each partner offer to share
10.50-11.00 How do we support ASYE’s, what is the partnership doing? Nicola Whiteside (Partnership Manager of the CMSWTP)
Guest Speaker
11.00-11.30 Student experiences Vanessa Goldsmith (UoC Placement Lead) and Emma Rimmer (EHU Placement Lead)
11.30-11.45 Discussion/Reflection on student experiences Alex Woods and Simon Manseri
Practice Dilemma
12.00-12.30 Break out rooms – Managers to discuss shared dilemmas
12.30 -12.50 Feedback from each room Volunteer
Next steps
12.50 –1.00 Future session ideas…. Alex Woods and Simon Manseri