Trauma Informed Practice Cohort 4

Trauma Informed Practice - Trauma Aware CPD Cohort 4

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4 x 1⁄2 day sessions. ( all 4 must be attended to receive CPD certificate). From this training we will potentially identify 12 trainers to undertake an additional 4 1/2 days training to become CMSWTP Trainers on Trauma Informed Practice: Trauma Aware.

AM sessions are 10.00-12.30 and PM session is 1.30-4.00

Cohort 4 Session 1 Wednesday 1st Dec AM, Session 2 Friday 3rd Dec PM, Session 3 Monday 13th Dec AM, Session 4 Wednesday 15th Dec AM

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what Trauma Informed Practice is
  • Understand the values and principles that underlie Trauma Informed Practice
  • Understand the four principles of TIP – Recognise, Respond, avoid Re traumatisation, build Resilience
  • Consider what constitute Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Explore the impact of ACE’s and how these contribute to the need for Trauma Informed Practice
  • Understand why Trauma Informed Practice is important for services, children and families
  • Understand what Trauma Informed Practice looks like
  • Appreciate the relevance of SAMHSA’s six key principles of a trauma informed approach
  • Recognise the positive impact of demonstrating unconditional positive regard
  • Consider how trauma affects staff
  • Understand what builds resilience and supports recovery
  • Understand secondary and vicarious trauma and how to respond to it and prevent it
  • Develop practice skills and techniques to come alongside the client in a trauma informed way .
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