Capacitated individuals residing in 24hr care and the Covid 19 Pandemic


How can capacitated individuals residing in 24 hour care, whom are not subject to a legal framework be supported to appropriately challenge restrictions imposed by Public Health England guidance throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, what are the measures that are in place to support individuals subject to a legal framework such as DoLS and how can this be simulated for capacitated adults?


  • To recognise the wider impact of the PHE guidance on capacitated individuals in 24 hour care settings.
  • To uncover good practice and ways in which social workers, advocates and care providers have supported service users to positively challenge the guidance in a bid to gain personalisation.
  • To consider how the PHE guidance may be adapted to support capacitated individuals to achieve a personalised risk assessment and care approach in response to the guidance.
  • To consider how the provision of DoLS has adapted in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and how a flexible approach may be simulated for capacitated individuals in a 24 hour care setting.
  • To collate the opinions of residents, social workers and best interest assessors in relation to noted differences across service user groups and care settings.

Partner: 2 local authorities – DoLS team input and input from social workers/CHC nurse practitioners.  4 Care providers – 2 in each local authority area.

Identified Lead: Katie Brown

Contact info: