Care Orders at Home

Dr Ciarán Murphy

Senior Lecturer Social Work

Edge Hill University

Dr Noreen Maguinness

Senior Lecturer Social Work

Liverpool John Moore’s University

Eoanna Stathopoulos

Senior Lecturer Social Work

Edge Hill University

Listen to Project Lead Dr Ciarán Murphy explain more:


What are the frontline practitioners’ experiences of increasing Care Orders at home?


1. To draw from statistical data of partnership authorities to emphasise the extent of the problem faced;

2. To explore with frontline social workers and team managers their experiences of Care Orders at home, including: challenges; fears/anxieties;

3. To give frontline practitioners ‘a voice’ in regards to this research area, by embedding their testimonies within the research findings;

4. To produce and publish findings that can serve as a platform to challenge this ‘troubling tendency’.

Partners: Edge Hill University and Liverpool John Moores University

Identified Lead: Ciaran Murphy with Noreen Maguinness & Eoanna Stathopoulos

Contact info: