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Funded Projects 2021-2022

A more balanced approach? A comparative analysis of Practice Education within Local Authority Placements, off-site versus on-site Practice Education.

Social work with Conviction. To explore experiences of social work course admission for applicants with criminal convictions.

What are the identified training needs of health and social work professionals working with adolescents transitioning between children’s and adult health and social work services? What are the recommendations for social work education and practice?

Developing a Child Sexual Abuse Assessment Tool for SWs across Cheshire and Merseyside.

Photo voice: A visual story of community coproduction. This project will use photography, focus groups and a public exhibition to explore the work of leaders with lived experience delivering community coproduction. The public exhibition will share visual findings, raising awareness of this community-led form of social work (and the CMSWTP) to a broader public audience.

Click here to view our exhibition report – Insider-and-Outsider-Research-Which-hat-are-you-wearing

Funded Projects 2020-2021

Social Work Students with Dyslexia: What are the challenges and what strategies can be used to provide effective support in University and on placement?

How can adult social workers appropriately support older people who experience loneliness or social isolation?

A Profile of Students Admitted to the Social Work Degree in the CMSWTP Region

How can we more fully include lived experiences of (former) service users in the evaluation of services and co-production of knowledge?

What are the frontline practitioners’ experiences of increasing Care Orders at home?

Capacitated individuals residing in 24 hour care and the Covid 19 Pandemic

Photovoice: A visual narrative of a peer led crime.

What difference does a Parent and/or Connected Carer Participation Group make in local authority child protection, child in need and child looked after social work intervention? What helps or hinders setting up and working with an effective Parent and Connected Carer Participation Group?

From Student to Practitioner; race, racism and social work

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