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Integrated Degree Apprenticeship for Social Worker. As a Social Worker you will work in partnership with adults, children, carers and families in a range of different settings to support and promote positive change in people’s lives in order to improve their wellbeing and independence.

Step Up

Training to be a social worker is an intensive, 14-month, full-time programme.

Trainee social workers will work in a local authority, gaining hands-on practitioner experience and academic learning.

Successful trainees will be awarded a postgraduate diploma in social work once they complete the programme, allowing them to register and practise as a social worker.


The Frontline programme is a unique opportunity for high potential university leavers and career changers to join one of Britain’s toughest and most rewarding professions.

Our two-year programme offers you an exciting new route into a challenging career in children’s social work. You’ll benefit from intensive practical and academic training tailored to your needs as one of a new generation of children’s social workers.


Social Worker Degree Apprenticeship

The apprenticeships in Social Work at University Centre Shrewsbury (UCS) and Warrington are taught through a learner centred, blended approach which is specifically designed to support you to develop the skills, knowledge and values essential in Social Work.

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