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PSS is a social enterprise – a business with a big heart and an open mind – with the one key purpose – to help people get the most from life. PSS sits alongside local government and the NHS, plugging the gaps and providing ‘on the ground’ support for all people. From its Liverpool home, PSS is responsible for starting a whole host of social movements, believing in and passionate about making sure all people matter, moving and shaking the first services of their kind across many different disciplines of social care.

There are placement opportunities in Merseyside teams with expertise in the following areas;

  • Prisoners’ Families; support for children with experience of parents in prison, running prison Visitor Centres and support for parents post-release.
  • Parental Substance Misuse; support for children and young people, their parents, grandparents and other carers
  • Parent and baby wellness; specialist post natal depression and tailor-made support
  • Days services; community support for people who have a learning disability.
  • Supported Living; for people who still want their own independence but also like the safety and security of receiving tailored support.
  • Community Support; supporting independent living
  • Wellbeing Centres; recovery focused courses and creative approaches for those experiencing mental health challenges.
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