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Wirral Council provides opportunities for social work students to shadow and co-work along side experienced children’s social workers and with a range of multi-agency professionals. Students will under direct work on cases and  identify local resources with children, young people and families.

Students are supported to attend relevant training, prepare for interviews and complete applications for future employment. There are placement opportunities in teams with expertise in the following areas;

  • Assessment and Intervention; statutory assessments, completing chronologies and genograms, Strategy Meetings, Child Protection Conferences, Legal Gateway, the Supporting Families Enhancing Futures Practice Model, Child Protection Plans and Crisis Resolution Home Treatment.
  • Permanence; planning and review, assessments, Permanence Panel, Legal Gateway, completing Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires and Personal Education Plans
  • Fostering; mainstream foster carers, connected carers and assessment of new foster carers, supporting carers, foster care reviews, running support groups, working on the duty system, Child Looked After reviews and care planning meetings.
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