Social Work Students with Dyslexia

What are the challenges and what strategies can be used to provide effective support in University and on placement?

Dr Valerie Gant

Mike Hewson

Listen to Val explain more about the research project:


  • To explore the challenges and strategies utilised by social work students with dyslexia to enable them to develop critical self-reflection skills and graduate as social work practitioners using autoethnography as a method of inquiry.
  • To seek the perspectives of practice educators regarding their experiences of working with and supporting students with dyslexia.


  • To explore the experiences of social work students who self report as having dyslexia through reflective focus groups and autoethnography.
  • To obtain the perceptions and experiences of a group of social work practice educators employed by local authorities across the CMSWTP regarding working with students with dyslexia.
  • To obtain and analyse data and to write up and disseminate findings.
  • To make recommendations for social work educators in universities and in practice.
  • To produce a CMSWTP good practice guide regarding supporting students with dyslexia on placement.

Partner: University of Chester

Identified Lead: Dr Valerie Gant

Contact info:

Click here to open the Dyslexia Good Practice Guide

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